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Well established theatre company in Atlanta, Georgia that stages Tony Award winning productions exploring innovative ways to engage with people to put more feet in seats at one of the venue’s productions.

Refinition Solution:

Leveraging the strategic collaboration and insights with the team at Refinition, we identified a host of venues in the area that would represent the lifestyle and attributes of the audience of real people the venue wished to engage.            

The audience of real people were segmented to identify those with attributes desired (age, household income, frequency of visits to those locations) and managed through digital execution.


Production’s brand creative with special offers utilized with drive to ticket procurement site for purchase for a 2-week flight.

The Results:

After implementing our leads, the theater company boosted performance exponentially across
the board:

  • New site visitors up nearly 10%
  • Lifetime campaign average CTR:  0.65%
  • Unique deviceID audience CTR:  6%
  • Re-marketing CTR:  1.15%
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