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A regional banking institution in the Northeast wanted to raise brand awareness and build new relationships between local customers and its branch sales agents.  They were investing in a local grass roots effort to identify new and existing customers to incent them to open a checking account with incentives for doing so.  Identifying potential customers at other competitive banks in the region meeting specific demographic and geographic attributes was of keen importance.  Additionally, being able to leverage these custom curated audiences across digital display marketing and social efforts was a core goal.

Refinition Solution:

Refinition was tasked with curating custom audiences inclusive of competitive banks in the geography and within trade areas of retail, fitness, sporting events and commuter areas was a key factor.  Refinition segmented audiences based on the categories requested and hyper-targeted based on geography and demographics desired for digital and social marketing execution.  The goal was to drive online registration or visiting one of their branches to open the account.

Campaign Strategy:

Client provided custom display and re-marketing creative with incentives to sign up..

The Results:

After implementing a digital marketing campaign powered by Refinition leads:

  • Nearly 20% of the audience registered for a checking account

  • 15% of the audience that was served the ad showed up at one of the branches to open that account

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