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Luxury automotive dealership wanted to boost sales by generating more leads from the real people, in-market automotive shoppers, that visited their dealership and that of their competitors.

Dealership has been challenged by leveraging traditional online display advertising tactics to find the high value audience they seek.

Refinition Solution:

Harnessing the data and leads in Refinition’s Automotive Network of real people to power the campaign – along with our execution partner for their digital display execution.

Data and leads utilized were a combination of their dealership audience in addition to their conquest dealerships within a 15-mile radius.

Campaign Strategy:

Corporate luxury brand creative utilized in both their corporate campaign efforts and for the Refinition data – exact same corporate campaign creative.

The Results:

After implementing our leads, luxury automotive dealership boosted performance exponentially across the board.

  • Site traffic increased 22.5%
  • Bounce rate down 12.5%
  • New site visitors up 42.5%
  • Increased direct search traffic which augmented SEM
  • Lifetime campaign average CTR = 1%
  • Unique deviceID audience CTR = 8.85%
  • 334 conversions to landing pages to search inventory on cars
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