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An automotive dealership group in New York recently acquired a new dealership in their portfolio and was looking to invigorate their relationship with car buyers within a 25-mile radius of their dealership.  They recognized the opportunity to identify real people at dealerships in the county within a 30-mile radius of their new dealership to present relevant offers at key moments of consideration in their purchase journey.

Refinition Solution:

Refinition was tasked with curating a custom audience of the dealerships within the geography and segmenting an audience based on age, household income and timing of visits coupled with a zip code profile for use in a digital marketing campaign to drive real people into the dealership to lease/purchase vehicles.

Campaign Strategy:

Client provided custom creative with incentives to visit the dealership and view their inventory online.

The Results:

After implementing a digital marketing campaign powered by Refinition leads:

  • Nearly 7% of the audience that was served the ad showed up at the dealership from a competitive dealership

  • 22% of the audience clicked through to the site to view inventory

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