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Refinition focuses on the Data of Intent. Showing up at a physical location is the strongest indicator of affinity and intent. Refinition builds and curates audiences with the accuracy and immediacy previously known only to online content providers and e-tailers. The creation of data-rich custom audience segments based on actual visits to a location and demographics provides the opportunity to understand more, spend wisely and improve the results.

Limited Data Collection Based on Geography and Device Controls

Refinition works with its customers to identify geographic areas of interest. These might be physical store locations or other key locations. Refinition then obtains unique advertising IDs (“Ad IDs”) for devices that have been present in the specified locations from third-party data providers. These data providers are contractually bound to provide only Ad IDs that were collected consistent with applicable privacy laws, regulations, and industry standards. The mobile sites and apps used to collect the Ad IDs are required to maintain appropriate notices that describe their data collection, use and disclosure practices for third-party targeted advertising and obtain consent from their users for such purposes. For direct mail campaigns, the data providers use industry standard disclosure language to permit the collection of online data for use with direct mail.

Refinition uses historical Ad IDs and location data. This data is obtained a period of time after the device was in the specified location. This provides timely data without the privacy and personal security concerns associated with real-time location data.

Additionally, the Ad IDs and location data obtained by Refinition are limited based on users’ mobile device settings and choices, consistent with industry practices for interest-based advertising and analytics on mobile devices.

Overlay of Refinition Data and Analytics

Using device Ad IDs and location data, Refinition applies its proprietary system to incorporate household-level demographic and psychographic information to present a more comprehensive view of actual and targeted market segments. Refinition does not receive, use, or incorporate directly-identifiable information, such as names or email addresses and does not report the specific matching of devices to certain households. This information is used to accurately apply the demographic and psychographic analytics and to create a target market segment of devices based on the customer’s criteria.

Creation of Market Segments

For use in digital advertising campaigns, Refinition delivers the Ad IDs for the market segment to the customer’s preferred ad tech partner. For use in direct mail campaigns, Refinition prepares a list of household addresses, which is delivered to the customer’s third-party direct mail partner. The direct mail campaign list does not include recipients’ names or Ad IDs attributable to any devices. After delivery of the applicable list to the customer’s campaign activation partner, the Refinition services are complete (aside from associated reporting). The customer can use its ad tech partner or direct mail partner to activate on the campaign using the customer’s creative.

The delivery of any interest-based or remarketing ads would again be subject to users’ settings and choices. These may include device settings, application-level controls, and industry-wide opt outs effective for the delivery of digital advertising as disclosed and honored by the ad tech partner and/or the websites and apps where the ads are to be placed. The delivery of any direct mail would be subject to any opt-outs or suppression lists maintained by the customer, its direct mail partner, or applicable industry groups in which the customer or its direct mail partner participates.

Opt Out

Our services may result in you receiving advertising that is tailored to users’ potential interests, preferences or locations.  If you prefer not to have ads tailored to you in this way, you may opt out of our collection and use of your information in connection with our services, including our creation of demographic information and interest segments used to target those ads, by sending an email to

You may also be able to opt out of the use of your information for interest-based advertising on your browser using the opt-out tools and consumer choice mechanisms provided by interest-based advertising self-regulatory groups by following the links below:


Additionally, you may be able to control the collection and use of your information for interest-based advertising on your mobile device via your mobile device settings.

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