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CBD brand joining the market both online and at retail struggling to build brand equity with consumers and drive shoppers to retail outlets carrying their products.

Operating in a cluttered marketplace where it’s challenging to introduce your brand and underscore your point of differentiation coupled with supporting online sales and building retail relationships to prove power of customers coming in to ask for your product by name.

Refinition Solution:

Leveraging the data and leads in Refinition’s Cannabis Lifestyle   

Network of real people to power the campaign by driving consumers    to the new dispensary, purchase their products and join their loyalty program.

Using the Refinition Cannabis Lifestyle Network, Refinition segmented   the audience of real people in the state of New Mexico in competitive dispensaries around the new location and handed off for digital execution.


Custom brand creative for products and customized landing pages on site utilized with collection of email and in store redemptions for 6-week campaign.

The Results:

Running a campaign powered by leads provided by the Cannabis Lifestyle Network boosted performance exponentially across the board/

  • Site traffic increased by 40%
  • New site visitors up 43%
  • Increased real people visiting the selected dispensary
  • Lifetime campaign average CTR:  0.80%
  • Unique deviceID audience CTR:  11.11%
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