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An automotive dealership group in Utah was looking to garner new business for one of their dealerships – solely through new customer acquisition. The group turned to our Automotive Network to create their own custom audience of competitive dealerships within a 30 mile radius of their dealership. They recognized the opportunity to identify real people at other car dealerships coupled with recency and  physical address. The client ran a direct mail campaign to home addresses Refinition provided.

Refinition Solution:

Refinition provided professional consulting services to procure the audience, segment based on a radius proximity and hand off physical addresses for direct mail to one of the leading fulfillment houses in the US.

Campaign Strategy:

Direct mail piece facilitated between client and fulfillment house.

The Results:

After implementing a direct mail campaign powered by Refinition leads:

  • Lifetime campaign average CTR = 0.39%
  • Unique deviceID audience CTR = 24%
  • 28% conversion to retail
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