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One of the Southwest’s largest and most active real estate developers had a new rental housing development for residents focused on providing a stress-free lifestyle and a host of amenities.  They recognized they needed to market to a specific niche of residents who would be interested in their new property.  They had a goal of driving qualified traffic to their digital platform and converting that traffic into qualified sales leads for their sales team in this key market.

Refinition Solution:

Refinition began with professional consulting services to build a strategy by identifying an audience of real people that would generate the key factors including; income, geography, net worth, age, lifestyle, etc.  We tapped into several channels within our networks to select real people at local establishments that aligned with their persona/attributes in retail coupled with other housing in the area.

Refinition tapped into these locations to observe, curate and segment the audience of real people that aligned most and then pivoted to a digital campaign to serve ads to that custom audience.


Custom creative developed touting amenities and floor plans to be leveraged for campaign.

The Results:

After implementing our leads, real estate developer boosted performance exponentially across the board

  • Lifetime campaign average CTR = 0.55%
  • Unique deviceID audience CTR = 5.45%
  • 40% conversions to engage with a leasing agent
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