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A luxury automotive dealership in the suburbs of New York was looking to enhance their retail sales by identifying car shoppers on their car-buying journey in near real time at other automotive dealerships within a 25-mile radius of their dealership.  Additionally, they were on a quest to increase online engagement with the inventory on their lot. They came to Refinition to curate an audience of real people at their competitors inclusive of opportunity to digitally market to them with relevant offers at key moments in the purchase journey.

Refinition Solution:

Refinition was tasked with curating a custom audience of the dealerships within the geography and segmenting an audience based on age, household income and timing of visits coupled with a zip code profile for use in a digital marketing campaign to drive real people into the dealership to lease/purchase vehicles.

Campaign Strategy:

Client provided custom creative with incentives to visit the dealership and view their inventory online.

The Results:

After implementing a digital marketing campaign powered by Refinition leads – the campaign outperformed current efforts exponentially:

  • 14% of the audience that was served the ad showed up at the dealership from a competitive dealership

  • 25% of the audience clicked through to the site to view inventory

  • Bounce rate below 40%

  • Time on site was 600% better than other marketing efforts

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