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E-tailer wanted to identify and market to real shoppers to boost subscriptions and sales on their website by generating leads from the real people, in-market shoppers, that visited their category-based, brick & mortar competitors.

E-tailer has been challenged by sub-par performance of traditional online display advertising and audience development to align with finding real shoppers that convert to customers with improved cost per acquisition for their business.

Refinition Solution:

Harnessing the data and leads in Refinition’s Retail Network of real people to power the campaign – along with our execution partner for their digital display execution.

Data and leads utilized were built upon real people that visited brick and mortar competitive category-based locations in a regional market.

Campaign Strategy:

E-tailer creative utilized to drive this custom audience to their site and engage with their brand and activate a subscription and purchase.

The Results:

  • After implementing our leads, e-tailer boosted performance exponentially across the board.
  • Site traffic increased 15.6%
  • Bounce rate down 10%
  • New site visitors up 20%
  • Lifetime campaign average CTR = 0.48%
  • Unique deviceID audience CTR = 2.23%
  • 27 conversions to subscription for service & increased basket at check-out
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