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A trusted Financial Services institution was looking to enhance their presence and communicate their value proposition to existing customers and prospective customers in key regional markets.

Operating in a highly competitive industry, the company needed to distinguish itself in raising their brand position and driving an awareness campaign to the right audience of people to build relationships at their locations and to capitalize on those of their competitors.

Refinition Solution:

Using the power of Refinition’s location filtering to identify real people in their locations and those of their competitors and segment these leads based on a host of attributes to power the campaign by increasing local engagement and generate more consumer interest to identify banking customers in a regional footprint

Data and leads used was over 250 hyper-local competitive banking institutions to execute a bi-modal approach via digital marketing and direct mail.


Corporate brand creative with product in portfolio leveraged for campaign  

The Results:

  • After implementing our leads, financial institution boosted performance exponentially across the board
  • Lifetime campaign average CTR = 0.23%
  • Unique deviceID audience CTR = 11.8%
  • New site visitors increase of 87%
  • Page views increase of 194%
  • Decrease in bounce rate of 80%
  • 75% conversions to landing pages associated with specific offer in addition to other areas of site within brand portfolio
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