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The Refinition Will Be Digitized

(queue the music of my all-time favorite beat musician Gil-Scott Heron)

You will not be able to stay home and be invisible, brother

You will not be able to plug in, turn on and drop out

You will not be able to lose yourself in private search and cache clears

Skip out for a quick search during commercials

Because the Refinition will not be televised

The Refinition will not be brought to you by Google and Facebook

In 4 parts without data tracking interruption

The Refinition will be Digitized

The Refinition will be live


noun. the act of refining or making refined.

Pivot vs Pirouette

The refinition of the world of marketing must be driven with a massive shift to a targeted data driven vs an impression/branding driven world. What was advertised, became televised, then transported to digital and mobile advertising and did not deliver on the promise of spending less and selling more. Instead, as an industry, we cranked up the noise, increased the frequency, saw every measurement decline and what did we do? We went back to television and ran ads to get you to come to your web site. Digital became televised, a pirouette vs a pivot. So 1999……

Party like it’s 2018

  1. Data derived audience selection
  2. Context driven advertising
  3. Private digital audiences
  4. Less spend
  5. Better response
  6. Mass customization
  7. Less clutter
  8. Client self-sufficiency

When the music stops

We have all likely played musical chairs as children and you may remember that every time the music stopped, somebody didn’t get a chair. Targeted data driven digital and direct media plans make media budgets smaller…..period.  Smaller media budgets equate to fewer agencies, with less people and many clients going it alone, but more importantly LESS ADVERTISING NOISE. For the marketing world, the gravy train of media budgets has been grinding to a halt for many years, when this song ends, there will be less chairs, less noise and less waste.   The 95% plus of media spending that is a clear and utter waste must end. To get there, with all the competing interests not to, this refinition will require a revolution.

It’s the end of the world as we know it

Data-driven marketing is much like a completely new musical instrument without any available sheet music. How can we fit these new instruments into our marketing bands? What if we don’t like that kind of music? What choice do we have but to embrace the change that creates revolution that will be the refinition of marketing as we know it? The refinition will be digitized and I feel fine. Time to face the music.

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