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How we do it

We sell knowledge and the ability to activate it.

Ingest billions of anonymized ad records daily from publishers / AD networks/ AD exchanges
Data Warehouse
Scrub data, ensure accurate meta-data (MAID, Lat/Long/time date stamp)
Mobile Mart
Continuous data curation process building up known device ID’s and matching to physical addresses
Accurately representing demographic information
Audience segmentation
Refine audience to get just who you want
Actionable data for execution
Direct Mail, Digital Advertising (IP Targeting/Programmatic)

How you use it

  • Custom Build

    Where are your target customers and what would you like to see them doing

  • Audience Development

    Define location target

  • Audience Refinition

    Refine audience at those locations to meet target persona(s)

  • Execution

    Execute through your own PII approved vendor or Refinition can turn-key execute

  • Attribution

    We measure your audience and tie them back to verified action.

  • Continued Refinition

    Know why your campaign worked and continue the process of audience refinition

Stop guessing

We can define the exact audience you want to reach to meet and exceed your business goals.

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